Custom actions
How to setup custom keys
This guide will show you how to setup actions for custom key events. You need the Remote Control Collection version 3.3 or newer and Remote Control Server version 3.1 or newer in order to use custom keys.

With custom actions, you can use your mobile device to trigger events on your PC and use them for whatever you can imagine. Turn your lights on, open up your favorite websites, setup home automation and so on.
Open the server settings
Start the Remote Control Server and click "Settings". From there, switch to the "Custom" tab page.
Manage actions
Click on "Manage custom actions" and a tool window will pop up. This is where you can define your actions.
You can either enter a path to a file or an url to a website. For example:

  • Files: "C:\path\to\file.exe"
  • Websites: ""
  • Others: "explorer", "calc" and similar
Save and use the actions
Click "Apply Settings" and close the settings window. Now start the Remote Control Collection app and open the "Shortcuts" remote. Use the C1 - C12 keys to invoke the custom actions.

The key C3 will invoke whichever action you defined in line 3 of the servers custom actions list.
Advanced customization
The Remote Control Server is open source, you can modify the ApiV3 module to handle the custom key commands however you like. This may come in handy for using the app to control your roomlight or IoT ready devices.


Remote Control Collection

The Remote Control Collection is a compilation of remotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your PC! The remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouse and keyboard!

Included remote controls are:

The controls in detail:

Mouse Remote

Imagine your PC’s touchpad right on your Android device. Multitouch gestures like scrolling and zooming are supported. You can toggle the keyboard to send keys at the same time.

Keyboard Remote

Use the physical or virtual Android keyboard to type characters and they will appear on your PC. Important keys like escape and control are also available.

Media Remote

Control the media player of your choice! Supported are Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, Media Monkey, Songbird and more.

Slideshow Remote

Control your slideshows directly from your smartphone! That works with Powerpoint, Impress and Adobe Reader and Windows Media Center.

Scroll Remote

Easily navigate through long websites like Facebook, 9gag or something similar.


Shutdown the PC from your bed or use the most common keyboard shortcuts to work faster. To receive the commands from the Remote Control App, you will need the Remote Control Server. If you have trouble setting up a connection, follow this step-by-step guide or watch the video tutorial. Facebook fans can test the pro version for free: